Dr. Thomas Mensink
Research Scientist @ Google Research Amsterdam
Guest Researcher @ CV-Group, University of Amsterdam

Email: lastname -at- google.com
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  • CVPR 2022 two papers accepted on transferability for semantic segmentation and for classification: Transferability Metrics for Selecting Source Model Ensembles (arxiv, Oral) & Transferability Estimation using Bhattacharyya Class Separability (arxiv). Congrats Michal & Andrea!
  • Preprints. Two pre-prints available on transferability for semantic segmentation and for classification. See publications.
  • Accepted paper. TPAMI 2021, Factors of Influence for Transfer Learning across Diverse Appearance Domains and Task Types, with Jasper, Alina, Michael, and Vitto!
  • Accepted paper. CVIU 2021, Automatic Generation of Dense Non-rigid Optical Flow. Congrats An!
  • Accepted paper. ICML 2021, Neural Feature Matching in Implicit 3D Representations, with Yunlu, Basura, Hakan, and Stratis.
  • Accepted paper. ICLR 2021, Calibration of Neural Networks using Splines, with Kartik, Amir, Ajanthan, Cristian and Richard.
  • Accepted paper. WACV 2021, Multi-Loss Weighting with Coefficient of Variations, with Rick, Sezer and Theo.
  • Accepted paper. WACV 2021, EDEN: Synthetic Dataset of Enclosed Garden Scenes, with Hoang-An, Partha, Sezer and Theo.
  • Accepted paper. CoRL 2020, Range Conditioned Dilated Convolutions with Alex, Pei, Drago and Cristian. My first full Google paper.
  • Award. With Florent and Jorge, we received the Koenderink Award 2020 for fundamental contributions in computer vision that have withstood the test of time for our paper: Improving the Fisher Kernel for Large-Scale Image Classification, from ECCV 2010.